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[November Edition 2023] Practice free PTE preparation materials online now, with our easy to use and latest state of art automatic scoring platform. Practice Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening all at One place. FREE for ALL, Preparation for ALL

Speaking ( 40% Repeat rate )

Reading (65% Repeat Rate)

Listening ( 85% Repeat Rate)

Some F.A.Qs Answers

1) Why PTE Academic or Choose PTE Exams ?

Pte or Pearson test of English ( PTE Academic) is an English based test to study in abroad. To book pte exams, student need to first create an account on my pte login website. Student can also give pte scored or unscored mock test practice and click on pte result check.

2) Which is better PTE Tutorials or Real PTE or 79Score ?

Every single website is great to learn and practice from. Pte plus, pte tutorials, real pte, 79score, Australian academy all give free pte mock test by clicking on practice mock login button. Go and give it a try !

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