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PTE Prediction File PDF

PTE Prediction File 2023 ( March Edition )

March Edition 2023

Learn and practice only those questions which have over 90% of chance of appearing in REAL PTE exam. The Prediction file is updated weekly. [ Specially Reading & Writing Fillups and Write From Dictations].

( Only Real Exam Questions )


Download the latest PTE Prediction File which has a curated list of Question that has over 90% of chances to appear in Real PTE Exam.

This Prediction File covers 7 types of Questions

  1. Read Aloud. (40% Repeat Rate)
  2. Repeat Sentence.  (55% Repeat Rate)
  3. Describe Image  (40% Repeat Rate)
  4. Answer Short Questions.   (80% Repeat Rate)
  5. Essays.  (100% Repeat Rate)
  6. Listening (Fill-ups).  (45% Repeat Rate)
  7. Write From Dictations (99% Repeat Rate) (Most Important)

All of the materials are also available to practice from website as well with automatic scoring for free

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