5 Common Technical Mistakes that students do in Real PTE Exam

5 Common Mistakes that students do In Real PTE Exam

Some common mistakes that students do in Real PTE Exam. Reading this list will help you know the basic mistakes which most of the aspirants do. So, you can crack the pte exam in your 1st Attempt.

1. Check the Working of System Hardware and Software

Mistake: Many of the students start their test without checking their headsets and keyboards, which leads to poorer speaking scores.

Over 20% of students face technical issues in their exams. Whether it’s related to keyboard, CPU, or headsets.

Solution: Checking and testing your headsets, keyboard, and mouse properly before you start your test. Test your Microphone at least 4 to 5 times properly. Listen to the playback of the recording and check if there was any noise. Noise leads to poorer speaking scores.

2. Speak only when its actually Recording

Mistake: Over 15% of test-takers don’t speak at the proper time, which can mess up with your listening and reading scores.

Students get 3 seconds to speak their answer if they don’t speak within 3 seconds. They will be scored ZERO. You Should also be Aware of the BEEP Sound in Speaking. Give free mock tests available on the internet (various sites offer that) to know the basic pattern and structure of the exam.

Solution: Speak in the mic only when you are supposed to speak. Speaking early or speaking after 3 seconds will only give you bad scores. There is no BEEP Sound in Repeat Sentence.

Be Aware with the Test Format
Speak Instantly after the Beep in Read Aloud, DI
Maintain a little Gap between your mouth and Mic
Don't Close your Eyes. Always Check the Recording Bar
Don't speak too early

3. Wasting More Time on Low Weightage Questions

PTE consist of 20 types of questions. But, all of them carry different marks. For example, Questions like Write from dictations, Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence carry way lot marks than as compared to Multiple choice (SA and MA), HCS and so on.

Mistake: A lot of students spend most of their precious time on questions like MCMA and MCSA which leads to the shortage of time in Dictations, So, as a result, they could not be able to complete their whole test on time.

Solution: Have some basic knowledge about the question types and their weightage. Try to allocate most of your time only to question that are the most important.

Practice Automatic Scoring Write From Dictation Questions
Allocate More time to High Weightage Question
Use Skimming and Scanning
Don't Focus on MCMA and MCSA

4. Speak for full 40 Seconds in Speaking

Mistake: Still, Many Teachers and students believe that speaking for full 40 seconds will help them achieve very high scores in Speaking compared to those who speak only for 25 Seconds.

This is not TRUE, Speaking for 40 seconds constantly is an arduous task. The more you speak, the more pauses and hesitations there will be.

Solution: If you focus on content and speak proper keywords then you can finish this task in less than 25 seconds also. Speaking for 20 to 25 seconds while maintaining your fluency with proper content is the key to score 90 in PTE.

Speak Proper Content
Try to cover your content in 20 to 25 seconds
Speak Fluently
Don't rely only on Template
Don't focus on grammar
Don't keep speaking until 40 Seconds are Over

5. Using Fillers in Speaking

Mistake: Some people use a lot of fillers in Speaking, which leads to poorer speaking scores. Fillers means the sound which you make in between sentences such as ummm, aahh and so on.

PTE A.I penalise the students who use fillers too often, try to minimise the use of fillers in PTE Speaking.

Solution: Practice the tough question types again and again such as Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence. Try to use a simple template for Describe Image and Retell Lecture. Practice and speak naturally.

Use Proper Template
Speak in your Natural Tone
Practice RA and RS
Don't cram Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence
Don't Focus too much on Content
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