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Welcome to your Listening Section 4 Q10

Fill Ups


Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.



The important factor to consider
  • The 31.  customers must travel affects the probability that they will buy the product.

Methods of communication

    • Advertising slogans are easier to remember if there is a 32.  played with them.


    • Mandy's Candy Store appeals to people's sense of 33.  to draw in customers.


  • To an ad campaign for digital products, it is 34.  that is extremely important.

Effect on your product sales

  • The customer's 35.  after he or she experiences the ad is most important.

Marketing strategies

    • On international flights, it is wise for the advertisement to be displayed in the common 36.  of most passengers.


    • Very few young people buy 37. .


    • The UNESCO website would be a good place to advertise for companies aiming to improve the 38. .


    • One good location to place ads for sunscreen is the 39. .


  • A good scene for a water purification commercial would be 40. .

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