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Welcome to your Listening Section 4 Q15

Questions 31 and 32

Choose TWO letters, A-E

Which TWO aspects did the new rules at the end of the 19th century focus on?

Fill Ups

Questions 33-40

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONLY ONE WORD for each answer.


Football in the UK

    • At present the main reason why UK schools push football education is the pressure from 33.   .


    • Prior to the 19th, football players used different 34.   of rules.


    • People attempted to standardise the rules from the whole 35.  , known as the 'Cambridge Rules' in 1848.


    • Attendances were increasing due to the improvement of infrastructure and the 36.   system.


    • Football became popular and it is regarded as a 37.   event.


    • The football clubs were responsible for most of the 38.   and development for the football association.


    • 39.   against other teams were also organised by the football clubs.



  • In 1910s, 40.   football players were approved of in the game.


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