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Fill Ups

Questions 31-37

Complete the table below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Social History of the East End of London



1st-4th centuries

Produce from the area was used to 31  the people of London.

5th-10th centuries

New technology allowed the production of goods made of 32 and .

11th century

Lack of 33  in the East End encouraged the growth of businesses.

16th century

Construction of facilities for the building of 34  stimulated international trade.

Agricultural workers came from other parts of 35  to look for work.

17th century

Marshes were drained to provide land that could be 36  on.

19th century

Inhabitants lived in conditions of great 37  with very poor sanitation.


Questions 38-40

Choose THREE letters, A-G

Which THREE of the following problems are mentioned in connection with 20th century housing in the East End?

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