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Welcome to your Listening Section 4 Q3

Questions 31 - 36

Choose the correct letter, AB, or C.

31. During the first week of term, students are invited to

32. The speaker warns the students that

33. The library is acquiring more CDs as a resource because

34. Students are encouraged to use journals online because

35. Why might some students continue to use reference books?

36. What is the responsibility of the Training Supervisor?

Questions 37 - 40

Which section of the university will help postgraduate students with their dissertation in the following ways?

    1. the postgraduate's own department or tutor
  1. library staff
  2. another section of the university

Write the correct letter, A, B, or C, next to questions 37-40.

37. training in specialised computer programs

38. advising on bibliography presentation       

39. checking the draft of the dissertation       

40. providing language support                   

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