50+ Latest IELTS Speaking Topics

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To be well-prepared for the IELTS Speaking tests (both IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training Module) from June to August 2017, you can download 52 New Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2 (June – August 2017) and practice with your IELTS study partners.

50+ IELTS Speaking Topics1.Describe an invention changed the people’s life.You should say:What it isWho invent itWhen it was inventedAnd explain how it changed people’s life. 2. Describe an occasion that you have a cake that is specialWhat kind of cake it isWhen you ate the cakeWho you ate withand explain why you think the cake is special 3. Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriageyou should saywho they arehow you knew themwhat they usually do togetherand explain how you feel about their marriage 4. Describe TV series you likeyou should say:what the TV series arewho act these seriewhat is the plotand explain how you feel about it 5. Describe a work of art that you saw before You should say:When you first saw this work of artWhere you saw itWhat it looked likeAnd explain your feelings about it. 6. Describe a plan you haven’t done yetWhat is aboutWhen you plan to do itWhy do you want to do itAnd explain why you haven’t done it 7. Describe an English lesson you have takenWhen it wasWhat it was aboutWhat happen-edAnd explain why you liked it 8. Describe one of your favorite clothing.You should say:What is it looks likeHow did you get itDo you often dress it& explain why it is your favorite clothing 9. Describe a time when you received something freeYou should say:What it wasWhen and where you got itWhy you got itAnd explain how you felt about it 10. Describe a time you need to arrive earlyYou should say:When it was What time you arrived Why you need to arrive early How you felt 11. Describe an occasion where everybody smiled/laughed.You should say:What happened:When it happened:Who were there:And explain why everyone smiled/laughed. 12. Describe a favorite sports you watched / a sport you like to watch.You should say:What it isWhen you watched itHow you watch itAnd explain why you like watching it 13. Describe a place where you feel crowded / you went to that was crowdedYou should say:Where it is:When do you usually go there:What you do there:And explain why it is crowded 14. Describe an interesting conversation you had with a strangerYou should say:Who the person is What you talked about What kind of person he/she is Why the conversation was interesting15. Describe a helpful person in work or studyYou should say:Who it wasWhat this person didHow this person helpedAnd explain how you felt after this person helped you 16. Describe a piece of good news that you receivedYou should say: what this news was when and where you heard it how you heard itand explain why you think it was good news 17. Describe an important plant in your country.You should say:What the plant isHow you know itWhy it is importantAnd explain how much you like the plant. 18. Describe a city that you have visited.where the city is (and its name) when you went there what you liked / disliked about the city and explain why you visited this city. 19. Describe a time when you moved to a new house or a new schoolYou should say:When it happenedWhat kind of home did you moved intoWhy you movedAnd explain how von felt about the moving 20. Describe a leisure activity near or on the seaYou should say:What it isWho do you play withWhy you have to prepareAnd explain how you feel about it 21. Describe a positive change in your lifeYou should say:What the change wasWhen it happenedHow it happenedHow it happenedand explain why it was a positive change 22. Describe an organization or company where you live and they employs a lot of people.You should say:What it isHow many employees work thereWhat its workAnd explain what you think about it. 23. Describe a happy event from your childhood that you remember well.You should say:What the event was When and where it happened What you saw or didAnd explain why you remember this event so well 24. Describe a person who solved a problem in a clever waywho the person is when you meet the person where do youand explain why do you think the person is clever 25. Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule.You should say:What this appointment wasWhen it happenedWhy it was brought forwardAnd explain how you felt about the result. 26. Describe a statue or art.You should say:What it looks likeWhere you saw itDid you like itAnd why you think it is special. 27. Describe a bicycle tour.You should say:+When you had this trip+Whom went on with you+What did you do during this tripAnd explain why you like it. REUSED TOPICS (Theses topics have appeared in the actual speaking tests in February – May in 2017 but they are still kept for re-using)  28. Describe a useful website that you often visited.You should say:What the contents of this website are;How you first found this website;How often you go to visited this website;And explain how this website helps you. 29. Describe an experience you spend your time with a child.You should say:When you spent time with this childWho this child wasWhat you did togetherAnd how you felt about it 30. Describe an enjoyable day spent in the countrysideYou should say:When and where you wentWho you went withWhat you did thereAnd explain why you think it was enjoyable 31. Describe a decision made by that you disagree withYou should say:Who made this decisionWhat it isHow you told him/herAnd explain why you disagree the decision 32. Describe an occasion waiting for something.You should say:What the situation isWhen it happenedWhy you decided to waitand explain how you felt while you were waiting 33. Describe an interesting house or an apartment you visited.You should say:Where it wasWhose home it wasWhat it looks likeAnd explain why you think it was interesting? 34. Describe a kind of foreign food you tried.You should say:What it wasWhen and where you had itWhy you had itAnd explant how you felt it. 35. Describe an interesting neighborYou should say:Who this person isHow you know this personWhat this person like to doAnd explain why you think this neighbor is interesting 36. Describe a shop that just opened in your hometown.You should say:Where the shop isWhen it openedWhat it sellsAnd how you feel about the shop? 37. Describe a future plan which is not related to work or studyWhat the plan isWhen you thought of the planWho is involved in the planand say how you think you will achieve the plan. 38. Describe a well-paid job you would like to do in the future.You should say:What job it isWhat qualities are required for this jobWhat you would need to learn to get this jobAnd explain why you would like to do this job. 39. Describe a book that you would like to read again.You should say:What the book was aboutWhy you read it the first placeWhat you learned from this bookAnd explain why you would like to read again. 40. Describe a kind of weather that you likeYou should say:What it isWhat you usually do in this kind of weatherHow you felt about itAnd explain what influences it may bring to you 41. Describe an interesting talk or speech you heard recently.You should say:Who was the person you talk toWhere and when you talked with this personWhat you talked about with this personAnd explain why it was interesting? 42. Describe a famous person in your country.You should say:Who this person isHow you know this personWhat this person famous forAnd explain why you like this person. 43. Describe a café or restaurant you enjoy.You should say:Where it isWhere it is like thereHow often you go thereAnd explain why you enjoy going there. 44. Describe a polite person you met.You should say:Who this person wasWhen and where you met this personHow you metAnd explain why you think he or she was polite. 45. Describe a popular place where people go swimming.You should say:Where it isWhat it looks likeWhat kind of people usually go thereAnd explain why people like to go there.  46. Describe a trip you plan to take in the near future.You should say:Where you plan to goWho you plan to go withHow you plan to travelAnd explain what you plan to see and do on this trip 47. Describe a time you were not allowed to use your mobile phone.You should say:When and where it wasWhy you were not allowed to use your phoneWhat you wanted to use your phone forAnd explain how you felt about not being able to use your phone. 48. Describe an occasion that you feel excited.You should say:What it isWhere you can do itHow you do itAnd explain why you feel excited 49. Describe a quiet place you visited.You should say:Where it wasWhen you went thereWhat you did thereAnd explain why you think it was quite 50. Describe a family member who you are proud ofYou should say:Who this person isHow often you spend time togetherWhat he or she does makes you proud.And explain why you are proud of this person. 51. A wedding you have been toYou should say:Where it wasWho you went withWhat you sawAnd how you felt about the wedding? 52. Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a company or shopYou should say:What the service wasWhen and where you received the serviceWhom you were together withAnd explain why you think it was a good service
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