Top 11 Phrasal Verbs to maximize your speaking score

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Top 11 Phrasal VerbsWork out: Calculate Example: I need to work out whether I can afford to study abroad.2. Catch up: to try to reach the same standard, stage, or level as others after you have fallen behind them (like you’re chasing someone, or with your studies) Example: I fell behind after 1 week off from school and had to catch up.3. Carry on: continue Example: I’m going to carry on studying IELTS till I get the score I need – I’m not giving up!4. Come across: To meet or find (something or someone) by chance. Example: On the halfway back home, I came across Tom, what a coincidence!5. Read up on: to study or learn by reading Example: Before setting out to travel around the world, I read up on all the places I planned to visit.6. Sort out: to find a solution to (a problem, etc), esp to make clear or tidy. Example: It took a long time to sort out the mess.7. Zone out:  fall asleep or lose concentration or consciousness. Example: I just zoned out for a moment after such a long drive.8. Put up with: endure Example: After graduating, I had to put up with many months of unpaid work before finally being given a permanent contract.9. Come up with: to think of, develop, or find something  Example: They’ve tried their best to come up with a feasible solution to air pollution. 10. Look back on: Think about something that happened in the past Example: When I look back on my childhood, I’m amazed by the crazy things we used to do11. Call off: to stop or cancel Example: They called off the football match because of the weather forecast. Don’t Forget to Share them with your friends if you like them…
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